Bridal Inspired Items You Can Rock Everyday

The official countdown to the MOST waited royal wedding has officially started. Tomorrow, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will finally get married. A moment we’ve all been waiting for…or not.


The Most Comfortable Heels I Ever Wore

There are two types of women, the ones who can run a mile in 5 inches heels, and the one who have to sit down after wearing heels for…30 minutes. Well, that’s me. I used to LOVE wearing heels, and would find any occasion to rock them. But now, wearing heels to go out is just a NO-NO.


5 Ways To Make Easy Money

At some point we all need a little boost for our wallets. Especially before summer. I don’t know for you, but I can’t stay on a budget. However I did figured out super easy/lazy ways to make extra money, because I surely ain’t going to stop shopping !


Summer 2018 : My Swimsuit Selection

The countdown to summer has officially begun, and even though it is crazy cold in New York, I am still starting to plan my summer wardrobe. And of course, what would be summer without an amazing swimsuit ?


Basket Bag A Gogo

Spring has started, and I can only thing about shopping for summer. The must-have accessory you need is definitely the basket bag ! Big or small they were made for you to rock them all spring and summer.


Favorite Spots In Montreal

Montreal is not my favorite city. I’ve lived there for a few years, and I usually go there two times a year to see my family, but I never really got that special feeling about it.


Strolling In Le Marais

I’ve lived most of my life in Paris, but today I rediscovered the city of light during a walk in the Marais. A neighborhood in which I do not stroll enough unfortunately and I like a lot.

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