3 Types Of Girls During Halloween

Halloween is coming in a few days and as we all know, everybody is trying to figure out an original costume. Girls are known to always be extra when it comes to events. Here are the 3 type of girls we find during halloween based on my favorite movie ever : Mean girls.

The basic one

The least worst one… It is the girl that does not want to do too much but also try to be original but she fails. She will probably be wearing some cat ears, devil horns or a skeleton legging with regular clothing. If you want to dress up at least make an effort.

The « slutty » one

We all know that one who takes Halloween as an occasion to go out barely dressed. It’s the one that will do everything to find a way to wear the least amount of clothes she can… Halloween is supposed to be scary not sexy.

The one who put too much effort

Finally that one girl who put way to much effort. She’s actually the one respecting the traditional codes of Halloween and tries to be scary. She is the one spending 2 hours on her Halloween makeup and end up being super scary (or disgusting). Because we all know, Halloween is also about being stylish in your costume.

So, which one are you going to be this Halloween ?


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