Moving To New York : Things I Already Hate


As a Parisian, I am used to see people admiring my city and dreaming about living there. Well, I lived in Paris for years, and honestly there’s nothing crazy about it. People are annoying, they never smile and are always in a rush (wow this is kind of me too). Two months ago I moved to the Big Apple.

This summer I was so excited to finally get to see my apartment. But I was blind… I didn’t know that it would be that hard to live there.


Living on the 37th floor looks pretty usual for New Yorkers, but I am not even sure that there are more than 3 buildings that high in Paris. Everytime I take the elevator I feel like I’m in this attraction at Disneyland. Still not used to that.

The streets are MATHS !

One thing you might know is that most of the streets don’t have names but number. And as one of the most « mathophobe » human being of Earth it is pretty hard to get used to this. Learning the metro is an ordeal. Somebody help me because I feel like I’m gonna be broke by the end of the month if I keep using Uber…


There is litterally food EVERYWHERE ! Hot-Dogs at every single corner, I mean why ? Stop tempting people, we are trying to loose extra fat here.


One of the most hated animal/insect/alien on earth must be roaches. A lot of cities are known for having rats, but New-York rats are the 2.0 type. They just chill in the street and look at you like “What you looking at dude ?”. I mean, people walk on the driveway at night. I’ll pass on the roaches because they are way too disgusting to be a part of this talk. 

Grabbing a cab is casi-IMPOSSIBLE !

Taxi drivers in New York are the worst. First of all they drive so fast that they just don’t see you, and most of the time they will just ignore you because, you know, they probably have better to do than picking up some clients.




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2 thoughts on “Moving To New York : Things I Already Hate

  1. What a great post, mooving to new york in a few, thank u sarah I’m going to see a hypnotist for the rats haha, enjoy !


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