A Motivational Word

A frequent question I ask myself is “why are people uncomfortable with other ‘s assurance?”.

Since I was very young I have always been very ambitious. I’m the kind of person who knows exactly what they want. I wasn’t afraid of being judged for who I was. One good thing, I guess, is that I’ve always surrounded myself with people that didn’t care about what others had to say about them.

Have you noticed that nowadays when you are positive and confident, some people have the tendency to qualify you as “pretentious”.

This is my personal approach to the situation. Stop looking at what people think about you, stop waiting for their approval. Do your thing, be a fire ball in a world of water bombs !

People say you post too much selfies, wear too much make-up, shop too much, that you are materialistic ? Know that you are gold and that no one has the right to lecture you who and how you should be.

I felt like letting you know that.


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