How To Spot A Toxic Friendship

We all have a « frenemy » kind of relationship. What do I mean by that? You basically think you are good friends with someone but that persons doesn’t always seem completely natural with you.

Three questions : Do you feel uncomfortable when you are alone with that friend ? Does that person only contact you when she wants to ask you something or has a problem? Does that friend ever made you feel bad about yourself ?

Well honey, that friend is toxic.

Usually that person who, in general, is very close to you has a major problem with you. Yes most of the time that friend is jealous of you, or she is just a psychopath (crazy people do exist).

So, here are some solutions to get rid of this bad atmosphere from your life.

  • Talk to him/her

Just make things clear, tell your friend how you feel about him or her, be honest. Talk about your insecurities, ask that person if she/he has a problem with you.

  • Test his/her honesty

If you are tricky like I am test him/her. Send another friend to ask that person questions about you, you’ll know the truth.

  • Stop the friendship

If you are sure that this person has some bad intentions toward you end the friendship right now. Tell that person you think you should stop talking to each other. If they really appreciate you they will always come back (word!).






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