How I Dealt With My Crazy Ex

We’ve all been there and if not yet, you’ll soon understand what I’m talking about. Everyone has a crazy ex girlfriend/boyfriend. I personally had the most insane, lunatic, absurd, senseless ex boyfriend anyone could ever have (I honestly don’t even know how I got through this). But anyways, here is the story.

Of course, I have no choice but to tell you the story about this guy. I met him very young, we were very good friends. Time made us come closer to each other and a day we started dating. For almost 3 years, we had a serious relationship. After only a year he was a great part of my life. The moment I started doubting about his mental stability is when I saw his behavior in front of my friends. One thing is that nobody actually liked him whether it was my family or my friends. He was very judgmental and sexist. He then started being violent. I realized he was crooked. He made me dirty. We broke up in September.


For me it was a traditional break-up, I mean are there even several types of break-up. I am not childish so I didn’t blocked his number. I just simply stopped talking to him. During three weeks : total silence. I was relieved. Then I started receiving calls from him. I didn’t answered them so he started threatening with very aggressive texts. I blocked his phone number. He had phases, for three weeks he wouldn’t try to contact me and one day he would send me 20 texts. I was scared and started to worry about my safety. One day he called me while I was my friend’s car, I put the speaker on and the guy was totally messed up. He would scream ” I’m sorry, I am crazy. It’s not going very well in my brain right now” and I would literally laugh at him and say “Stop calling please”. He wouldn’t stop calling with a different phone number every time.


Let’s get to the point. I didn’t heard of him until the New Year’s eve. I received the typical ex-boyfriend “Happy New Year” text at exactly 00h00. Didn’t answered either. And it was the same scenario for 2 or three months. Each two weeks I would receive calls and threatening texts from him. On day I decided it was too much so I called him. I was about to report his behavior to the police because he would come and wait for me on the corner of my street. (he was a total freak).


Proofs because it’s almost unbelievable


After that threath he stopped contacting me and by that time I met an awesome guy. We started dating and officialized our relationship. Two months after that new idylle he showed up again. I don’t really know how he got the news about me and my actual boyfriend, but he was mad about it. And that night he called me more that 20 times with an unknown number. He also threatened my boyfriend. The good thing is that after a talk with him he never contacted me again.


Fact is that even though he disappeared from my life, for several months I was traumatized and spent a lot of time working on forgetting him and enjoy a relationship again.





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