Are You CLINGY ?

You might think that I was about to talk about drugs, but I am not. Today I am talking about relationships. One sure thing is that when you fall in love, you literally wanna live on the person you like. Love is great. However, you probably don’t want to be that clingy boyfriend/girlfriend.

Find out if you are a CLINGER !


Your partner went out and was supposed to be back at 2 am. After 30 minutes, no news. How do you react ?

  1. You are already asleep.
  2. You send a  few texts, just to make sure everything is fine.
  3. You call several times, and snap when he/she get backs home.


You two are at a party. Someone is being way too touchy with him/her. What is your reaction?

  1. It’s okay. It is obvious that we are together.
  2. You get mad, and threaten to leave the party.
  3. No hesitation, if one of them doesn’t step back, the party will take a wrong turn.


Your partner is going to a dinner with a friend of the opposite sex. How do you feel about it ? 

  1. You have no problem with it.
  2. You trust him/her, but are still worried.
  3. You ask them to reschedule their dinner and to have lunch instead.


You are watching a movie you chose. After a few minutes you realize he/she is on his/her phone and not paying attention.  

  1. The movie is so interesting that you didn’t realized he/she wasn’t interested.
  2. You are hurt, but maybe the movie wasn’t as interesting as you thought.
  3.  You take things personally and go to bed before the end of the movie.


You noticed that he/she likes a lot of pictures from this pretty girl/cute guy. What do you do ? 

  1. You simply ask him/her who it is.
  2. You stalk his/her account until you find what you were looking for.
  3. You send a private message to this account that causes problems so that it won’t happen anymore.


MAXIMUM OF 1:  You not clingy at all ! You are super chill. You understand your beloved one a lot and don’t want to be too excessive, you have the ability to let them be how they are and have the perfect attitude for a happy relationship.

MAXIMUM OF 2: If you answered a maximum of 2 your are not clingy, but we can’t say that you don’t make any “faux pas”. You are trying to understand your partner, but in the end you end up frustrated.

MAXIMUM OF 3: If you answer a maximum of 3 to these questions you are obviously CLINGY. Nothing crazy. We all have a little part of “clinginess”, but you should definitely pay attention to it because that type of behavior can ruin a relationship.




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