My Hair Growth Secret

Hair is a matter all women are very focused on. During many years I relaxed my hair and noticed that it wasn’t the healthiest product to use for them. Two years ago I cut my hair off almost 4 inch,  and decided to finally quit relaxing them.

For almost a year I haven’t relaxed them,  I would only braid them or wear full weave with closure or wigs. After getting back to my natural texture, I wanted to straighten them because natural hair is very hard to tangle, and I am more comfortable with smoother hair. I tried the keratin straightening treatment. After straightening them in a professional institute I trimmed all my ends.

Before / After Keratin



This is how long my hair were after my very first keratin treatment.


I think that keratin is a life savor, for 5 months your hair are perfectly smooth and easy to straighten. However, this treatment must be done by professionals, and it is kind of expensive so pay attention to who you give your head to.


After only 6 months my hair looked like that.



I still continued to wear wigs and full weaves. I never leave any hair out and even if people think it’s not natural I don’t care. The most important for me is growing my hair and feeling comfortable with it.

This is how long my hair were this summer.


It’s now been 4 months and I trimmed my hair so that I can get rid of the dead ends. One thing to know is that cutting your hair regularly is very important for them to grow properly.

Keratin doesn’t break your curls, it just help you untangling them.



Now a little look on what products I use.

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My Process : 

  1. Before getting my hair weaved or braided, I make a shampoo with special shampoo that contains keratin treatment + a conditionner.
  1. Then I moisturize them with a cream from the same .
  1. Once I am ready to get my hair done I protect my edges with this.
  1. After getting braided I use this serum to let them grow.
  1. One thing to know is that once you wear a weave, you must pay attention not to pull too hard on your hair when you brush them because it can break your edges.

I just repeat this every month.  I wash my hair once a month and treat them every 4 to 5 months with a keratin treatment.

This is the secret to how I grew my hair.

Simple right ?

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  • alayshasw11
    December 9, 2017

    Never tried a keratin treatment. I have too check it out


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