Why Are We Still Talking About Racism in 2018 ?

I am so confused that the world made so much improvements throughout the years, but that some of us still can’t feel comfortable, free and EQUALS ! Why is it so hard for people to understand that discrimination hurts, and that it can take several forms. Racism isn’t only insulting people from other races. It isn’t just thinking that white people are more important or powerful !

Racism is also hurting another community. It is 2018 for Christ sake.  How can celebrities like Antoine Griezmann can still use black skin as a costume, and expect people to be fine with it? I didn’t write about him. Honestly, his idea was stupid, and he looked awful with his costume.




These pictures were taken from Twitter and Instagram

I was more shocked by  H&M exploiting  a little innocent black boy to present their new collection with a sweater saying « Coolest Monkey In The Jungle » ? I was very disappointed by the lack of awareness and concern of  H&M’s PR team. We all know that black people were usually compared to monkeys, so why using a black kid for this shirt? I don’t even really get the meaning of the sweater. Regardless of the black kid wearing it, I don’t understand why they used “Coolest monkey of the jungle”. It was a bad idea anyways…


Am I doing too much?! 

 At first I didn’t want to write about racism because it is too cliché for a black woman to speak about it. However, I am sick and tired of this bullshit. Seriously. It is wrong on so many levels ! It is not only about the racist act. It is also about the people who dare tell us how we should react ! Who the hell are you to judge an act racist or not ? White people are the first one to yell « It’s not racist », or « Stop being so dramatic ». DRAMATIC ?! What?


You think that YOU can tell us how we should think ? Have your people been chained, sold, exploited, piled up into boats like animals for hundred of years? Were they segregated ? Mocked ? Compared to animals ? Did your great grandmother have to use different toilets because of her skin color? Has anyone ever changed seat in the bus because they didn’t want to stand next to you? I highly doubt it. In this case, sit down and think before opening it.

If you don’t feel offended by this picture, or uncomfortable watching it, you must have a serious problem.




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