Imitating: What’s Wrong About It

Oscar Wilde said that imitation is the best form of flattery. Truth be told, imitating is an easy way to appreciate the work of someone else, and getting yours done by the same time.

In my opinion, imitating someone can only be flattering if the person who’s getting inspiration from you lets you know that they love what you do. Usually, they do not. I call this copying, plagiarism, STEALING. Yes, it’s pejorative. Copying is wrong ! It is a sign of laziness, and shows a lack of creativity (am I too harsh ?).

Have you noticed that high fashion brands are usually imitated by cheap brands. For example, Ivanka Trump was sued by Aquazzura when she designed a pair of shoe that was “inspired” by a very famous model from the Italian brand. There will always be people who’ll use creatives as examples, and who will follow their path without having any personal taste.


Or even artists like Lana Del Rey who got accused of plagiarizing Radiohead’s Creep in her new song, Lust for Life.

How do you feel about it ? Have you ever felt like someone was wrongly using your ideas without your permission ?

All this converges to show that it is very IMPORTANT to have your own ideas. Think, write and create with your own perspective. Looking for inspiration in others can be useful, but don’t loose yourself in it.


It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation. – Herman Melville


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