5 Reasons Why Men Cheat

One of the biggest worries of a woman in a relationship is being cheated on. Big question I have always asked myself is « why do men cheat so much»? Here are five points to help understand their behavior.

1. He is not in love anymore


It might seems to be legitimate but cheating is rarely related to feelings. In general cheating as nothing to do with feelings towards the partner. However, it is possible that he doesn’t love you anymore (or he never has), and that he doesn’t know how tell you.


2. He is an asshole 

Well, some guys are just not ready for serious relationships and want to get the best of both worlds. He wants to have fun, but he also wants the benefits of being with someone who really cares about them. Quite selfish right?


3. He had a moment of distraction

It is scientifically proven that men act like predators. Sometimes, they « forget » that they are with someone, and get distracted. Most of the time, it is not because they don’t really love you.


4. He feels neglected


Guys are needy too. If he feels like he is not as important as he used to be (or feel), he might try to find this attention he needed with someone else. This is why communicating is very important in a relationship.


5. He is insecure


Each and every human being wants to feel attractive. If he feels pressure because of his physical appearance, then he might go check if he still as attractive as he used to be. In fact, he knows that you love him, so your opinion doesn’t really count anymore. He wants to make sure that he is still good looking.

Men are extremely difficult to tame. Of course, women cheat too, but we do cheat less than men. Is it because our sexuality is more related to our feelings ?



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