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Last Summer I decided to stop ruining my money with waxing and shaving. I was so desperate to get rid of my upper lip hair and my side hair, and I didn’t really know what I could do. A friend of mine introduced me to laser hair removal, and I feel so much better since then.

Don’t be scared 

Laser Hair removal is not harmful at all. Some of you might be scared because of your skin type or tone. By this I mean that the laser is compatible with every type of skin, dark to very light.

Important rules 

Even though the laser doesn’t let any type of scars, there are very important rules you must respect in order to have the best experience. First of all you must make sure you are not taking any antibiotics or medicinal creams. You must shave all your hair before your session, even facial hair. Finally, you have to stay away from sunrays for one to two weeks, so if you are planning to make a session before your summer vacations make sure to make your appointment the earliest.

Things to know 

Depending on your hair type and size you will need more or less session. Usually you need 8 to 12 sessions to completely remove your hair. Knowing that each session must be taken at least 6 weeks apart. I personally stopped growing some hair by my third session. However facial hair are less thicker than body hair. Also know that the sensation and smell of burnt is normal, so again don’t be scared. Depending on the institute you chose, prices will vary, but make a budget for your first six sessions. For six full face sessions I paid $350. Full body include seven body parts and cost approximately $1500.

Preparing for your session 


STEP 1 : Wash off make up or creams


STEP 2 : Shave it all


STEP 3 : Seat Back and Relax


After 15 to 45 minutes depending on your chosen areas you will be done.

A personal point I also want to share is that even if you don’t have much hair, laser hair removal will allow you to get a perfectly smooth skin, without imperfections.

Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions if you are planning to get your laser hair removal sessions.



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  1. Article très intéressant!
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