How To Dress When You Can’t Dress

Do you sometimes look at someone, and feel like something just doesn’t go right with their outfits ? Happens to me all the times.

The most important point I need to underline before starting is that this article is not dedicated to people who don’t care about how they dress. The way you dress has a powerful meaning.  No one can deny it because our style has an impact on the manner people perceive us  (at least the first time they see you.)

This is the reason why I came up with the idea of this article. How do people actually learn how to dress? Is it something that is taught by your parents ? Is it something that you just have, like a gift ? Well, I don’t know. Nevertheless, what I know is that there are simple tricks that can be used in order to “dress to impress”.

Here are the basic mistakes people make : 

  • Color Mixing : I am not a fashion expert (yet!) However what I have noticed is that a lot of people who want to develop their style mess up their outfits because they don’t know how to mix colors. Before you become a color mixing professional simplify your life with basic colors, and textures : black, white, grey, dark blue, jeans, and leather. Or just go on with a one color outfit. That’s it ! You can hardly go wrong with these.


  • Instagram : You probably don’t get it now, but what I mean by “Instagram” is this new trend of “imitating” outfit from social media. Well tried, but no. You can’t dress exactly like a blogger or someone you saw on Instagram because you simply don’t have the same body. Items that will fit them will not necessarily fit you right. Also think about your skin tone, and hair type (these are things that play a main role in your outfit).


  • Low Quality :  Most of “us” think that being trendy necessarily means spending tons of money, while it is not the case at all. The only thing you really need if you don’t have Kim Kardashian’s wallet is a good eye. A cheap item will completely destroy your outfit, whether it’s a low quality top or trousers, it will be the first wrong thing noticeable in your style. There are a lot of cheap brands that propose good quality clothes at a very low price. Even though, some items require a certain investment, and can’t be replaced by anything else (fake designer bags alert).


  • Pricey ≠ Chic : It is true that there are innumerable brands, but not just because your jacket cost you a lot means that it suits you well or that it is beautiful. You also need to think about the way you wear that piece, maybe it doesn’t go along with your whole outfit. Yes, your bag may be a Louis Vuitton but you can’t base your outfit on a single item.


  • Vulgarity : This part is mostly dedicated to girls. Some of us just don’t know how to make the difference between sexy and tacky. It’s a shame that people still believe that sexy means showing all of your skin. Plus, it’s kind of sexist, so just don’t do that. No women on earth should dress for a man, especially for the kind of men who are attracted by cleavage and short skirts.


  • Quantity /Quality : Back to the third point I made earlier. Buying several items that are cheaper is never a better investment than buying one item that is high-standard. You rather want to spend $300 on a perfect pair of ankle boots, than buying 3 shitty pairs. Your closet will widen slowly but surely.


  • Taste : Having taste is a major key to enhance your style properly. It means that you have to wear what you like, and what you feel comfortable with (not always though). You cannot desperately try to buy famous brands just because it is “the hit bag of the moment”, or just because you really want to be “in”. Shop for things YOU really love, and you will certainly spend less time trying to put an outfit together.



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