The Perfect Nail Polish Color For Your Skin Tone


Girly post alert ! Two days ago I went to the manicure, and I was just fascinated with how my Essie cherry red color gel  beautifully suited my skin tone. After a few suggestions  I decided to give you a few tips in order to choose the perfect nail polish color according to your skin tone. Lot of girls go to the nail salon and post the usual story “Hard Choice” on their Snapchat to express how hard it is to pick a nail polish color. However, it shouldn’t be.

Our nail color should be chosen according to your skin tone, just like the way we choose our foundation. It has to match with our skin (even though some of us still have some issues wearing the good foundation). In order to make this easier for you guys, I will proceed with the most popular colors which are nudes, reds, pinks, and darker shades like blue, and blacks.


Note : these advice were given to me by my lovely mother who used to be a professional beautician, and inspired by advice given on nail polish website such as Essie





Reds mostly suit every type of skin, but choose a lighter shade of red like the popping red of Chanel for example. A red that is too dark is less flattering.

According to a lot of beautician, the lighter the skin the darker the Blue should be. A royal blue is more recommended rather than a lighter one.

Nudes are simple, and very chic. They are also a very easy choice to make as they usually go with everything, but for light and pale skins, Nudes aren’t necessarily the best choice. It will make your hands look quite older, and dull. Unlike Nudes, Pink is a great color for light skin tones. If your skin is light a pink shade from peach to hot pink or magenta.

Here is a selection of nail polish that would suit you perfectly if you have a light skin.






For medium skin Nudes are suitable. However, go for a nude that is more beige rather than grey or brown shades of nude. A beige will illuminate your hands.

As you know, make up artist suggest to choose lipsticks that have a pop of orange or gold/bronzed tone. Well, it is basically the same for your nail polish.

Unlike light skins, a medium skin tone require softer colors, so if you want to choose a Pink, go for lighter shades of pink like peach.  It gives a fresh look to your hands, especially during summer.

If you want to go with a darker shade of nail polish, bridge between Black and Blues by choosing a Purple shade. It goes with everything, and it is also very classy.


Here is a selection of nail polish that would suit you perfectly if you have a medium skin.





For dark skin tones, the darker your skin is, the more you can choose a brighter color to lighten up your skin.  

I have a dark skin and I personally noticed that sandy, and browns Nudes suited me very well.  As well, pink and beige Nudes, are more flattering for lighter skin tones.

If you have a dark skin tone forget pastels, and go for neon and flashy Pinks. Peach is definitely a color you should not wear, as well as light pink.

Do you like red wine ? As you might know all Reds go along with dark skin tones but the darker the red the better your hands will look. Especially deep red such as red wine.

Black, and Dark Blue are also very flattering. However, if you really want your hands to pop try a baby blue, it will amazingly lighten your hands.


Here is a selection of nail polish that would suit you perfectly if you have a dark skin.




These are advice,  but you can rock any color you want !

You decide.


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