Things You Must Know Before Interning in Fashion


It’s currently New York’s Fashion week, and as commenting runway looks bores me I decided not to write about it. But don’t get excited this post is not that original. However, if you want to intern in the fashion industry it should interest you.

It’s now been more than six months that I started to intern in a high fashion office. I had interned in a showroom two years ago but this is my first real experience in fashion ! You must instantly think about Miranda Priestly and this poor Andy when you hear “fashion internship”, but hey you know what ? It’s only half-true. And so, these are a few things you must be aware of if you want to intern in fashion.


Not all bosses are awful monsters.

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As I just said, Miranda Priesltly must have traumatized you, and  you definitely can be scared of having the worst time of your life, but know that the worst people do not necessarily work in Fashion. A friend of mine had an awful boss, and she interned in communications. So relax.



Yes, your outfit does count

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Well, I can’t lie. Presentation can be very important. Especially if all your colleagues are always on point. If you decide to intern you must make a good impression, and people must notice you.



On the other hand you can also be quite casual 

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Even though some brands require their employees to be very well dressed, some are just very chill. So it also depends on which brand, and which department you are going to work in. Three years ago, I had to be quite well dressed as I worked in a wedding and evening gowns showroom. But now, I can wear my vans, and a cozy sweater if I want to. As you might know fashion nowadays is nothing like 2010, and you can express yourself and embrace your own style as much as you love it.



Yes, they will probably ask you to bring coffee

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I noticed that a lot of people are always criticizing the fact that your superior ask you to buy things like coffee, or tissues, or other stupid things that they just don’t have the time to do because, yes, they have a lot of work. Don’t get upset, it’s completely normal. I’ve been asked to buy 8 boxes of blue Kleenex tissues. So what ? Ask to a law intern if they have already been asked to bring coffee and you’ll see that it’s no big deal.


Know the brand 

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This is no secret to anyone. When you work in a company you must know basic facts about it, but you also must be aware of any changes. Try to read articles about the brand you are working with, watch their runways, also keep watch on their competitors. You never know if you’ll need these info. To start, make sure you spell it right !


Smile, you’ll get discounts !

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My favorite part of being a fashion intern is definitely the employee sales. If you don’t know about them, let me explain it to you. Employee sales, are not like regular sales at all. They are organized exclusively for the employees, and you can get from 25 to 50% off for clothes, shoes, accessories… 40% off a Gucci bag is quite pleasing.


Enjoy yourself 

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Well, just enjoy your internship. Don’t be stressed about it, you are an intern so they know that you are here to learn. Make mistakes and learn from them. In a few years you will laugh about them, and above all be glad that you had a great experience.


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