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How To Know When It’s Over : 3 Signs That Won’t Lie


It might be sunny in NYC, but my heart is cloudy these days. Not necessarily writing about love today but about RELATIONSHIPS in general.  Must it be friends, family, or lover, we all love these people unconditionally , and we are scared to loose them. However, sometimes, these relationships end on their own. 

 Not only because this relationship is toxic, but also because some people are useless. Useless because they do not participate in making you someone better, or simply happy.  These days I (sadly) realized that a relationship can end without even breaking up.

These are the few signs that show up when a relationship is sinking.


You used to talk all the times, and you were able to say whatever you wanted. A simple word meant everything, and calm and peace ran between you. But now a simple remark is not accepted, and every discussion ends in an argument. You feel insecure, and constantly hesitate when you want to say something.


If you get this feeling of being alone while knowing that this person is not very far from you, then it means that your connection does not exist anymore. We all have had a long distance relationships, or a friend who lived in another country, but you are not supposed to feel far from someone who lives “next” to you.



The worst part of all is when you have the impression that this person you used to love so much seems to be a total stranger. You are having dinner, and it is just awkward. You don’t even want to look at them in the eyes because it is weird. It is not natural anymore, and you just want to go home. In most of the case you check your phone every minute just to get out of this awkwardness for a few seconds.


From personal experience, I feel like these three signs really do show that a friendship, or relationship is coming to an end. Sometimes it is worthwhile trying to save it, but sometimes it is just better to follow your own path. Don’t get frustrated because your relationship isn’t working because all good things come to an end.



Love, Sarah

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