Spotted : 3 Winter 2018 Trends

These past few days were terrible for me. I really had 0 inspiration. Plus, my computer froze, and I was in a little crisis.But everything got better, and now that I am relaxed I’d like to share with you, a few trends that I spotted during this Fashion Month.

Here are some trendy pieces I spotted, and that I love !

White Boots

Looks like white shoes are a must have this year, and in particular white boots, You saw them on Rihanna, Chrissy Rutherford, and innumerable bloggers on Instagram. They are everywhere, and good thing is that they match with everything.

Full Red

Unicolor outfits are quite a trend, but the color red runs everything. I am personally a ”full black outfit” person, but I could definitely go on with an all red style. Take a look at Zara’s red suit. Pretty awesome right ?

ZARA Suit –  pants here, blazer here


Skirts, dresses, pants, coats, or blazers, checks are everywhere these days. I love them because they bring a retro side to your look. My favorite checked item is probably an oversized checked blazer. You can wear it with a turtleneck, jeans, sneakers or boots. It is versatile and class.

Hope you enjoyed these styles.

Ask me anything about the brands and styles via comments or via Instagram.


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