The Candles Your Living Room Needs

After a long and exhausting day at work, it is always so good to finally go back home. But it is ten times better when your apartment smells amazing. I am a maniac when it comes to the neatness of my place. The smell of your place should represent who you are, and how clean you are. Which is why candles are indispensable. Plus, they can be part of your home deco, so how cool is that ? 

These are my favorite scents, and candle brands.



I discovered this brand thanks to a friend just before Holidays. They had a crazy pop up store in Chelsea, Manhattan. They have so many scent that I don’t even know where to start actually : Vanilla Cupcakes, Buttercream, Golden Sand, etc. My favorite scent is All is bright, it contain musk, and a citrus touch.

A good particularly of these candles is that if you choose the big models, you can print a picture, and quote, and add the sticker on it. Pretty nice huh.



Now I think everyone know Diptyque because it is literally everywhere. Very classy, and neat if you have a modern decoration they are perfect, especially the small models. The best is to buy several small candles and align them on your drawer, or coffee table. Their scent are rich, and last long. My favorite scent is Freesia, as it is a very flowery fragrance.




The past holidays I visited my parents, and my father had bought new candles for the apartment. I instantly fell in love with the scent (members only), so I bought one for my apartment. It does smell like royalty.



I did not know that Gucci proposed candles until I had to make a gift to one of my cousins. They are super expensive, but they all smell very very good and they are presented in beautiful porcelain. They have different choices of colors and you can buy the candle with or without a cover.



Basic but cheap and smell amazing. In my opinion the best Zara Home candles are the extra large one. You can pair them with a diffuser, or a home perfume. Dark Amber smells amazing, and if your apartment is small, it is perfect because the smell it lasts longer.


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