Being « Nice » ?

I am typically the kind of person for whom its hard to say « No ». Even to people who aren’t necessarily nice to me in return. All my life I’ve been surrounded with people who were ready to take advantage of me,  and my generosity. And I surely ain’t the only one. 

Growing up I realized that all these people were using me to get what they wanted, and then just disappeared.

Why should we be kind with people who clearly just don’t care about us? Who are only using us for their own advantage?

Today, I am still trying to avoid avid and fake people, users, and scrounger. During summer 2015 I discovered this book « Nice is just a place in France », and it changed everything for me. It really helped me understanding life, and handling most of my relationships way better.




Take this piece of advice, and listen to someone who has been surrounded by opportunistic assholes here WHOLE life. Stop giving them so much because you are wasting your energy for nothing.


Who ever said that it was a NECESSITY to be nice with everyone?


Do not let people take advantage of yourself because of your kindness. Learn how to say no. Mostly, do not waste your time for these people.

Learn how to sense carpetbaggers, those people who abuse the generosity of others. Be strong for you, and keep your kindness and generosity for people who are really here for you, and who will give back all the love you send them.


You can seem to be nice, but just « seem to  . »


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