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My Packing Tips

I am leaving tomorrow on a whim, and my neat-freak ass is going crazy with packing. I cannot feel relaxed when things around me aren’t in order and perfectly organized, and this even when it comes to packing. Organizing a suitcase is the worst for some people, but for me it is a process.

This is the reason why I want to share with you how I pack easily and quickly. Packing is a workout when you are not organized.


First things first. Before starting to pack take a look at the 14 days previous weather information. You can’t efficiently prepare for a trip without bringing the good clothes. Trust me, I once had to fly to Latvia during July, and I was very surprised by the weather when I arrived. I wore the same cardigan the whole week, it was terrible. Make sure you are aware of the weather, then make a list of what you will bring with you, and don’t forget that it is very important to dress according to the weather in order to have style.



I recommend using a two compartment hard suitcase. It saves space and allows you to see everything you put in your luggage clearly. Choose a side where you’ll tidy up all of your clothes, and on the other side your shoes, coats and bags. Make sure you put every cosmetic products in a case or pouch to avoid liquid pouring all over your things.


Here are some recommendations :


The idea is to make your clothes the flatest possible. You might think that folding your t-shirt in two times will make it smaller and allow you to fit more things, but no actually it takes more place than you think! You either want to roll you things or fold it only once. Most importantly make sure to keep your covers or to buy ones for your delicate items.



Select several outfits options and fold them together. It will be easier for you when you arrive, but it will also save you time and space ! You can also put your t-shirts at the same place, your pants together etc.




You are now ready for your trip, saved space and time.

Enjoy your next trip !

Love, Sarah

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