Favorite Spots In Montreal

Montreal is not my favorite city. I’ve lived there for a few years, and I usually go there two times a year to see my family, but I never really got that special feeling about it. 

Even though Montreal is not one of my favorite cities, I still appreciate a lot it’s localities. Their french, their art, especially their food.

Here are a few spots to check in Montreal

Allo mon coco


Let’s start with BRUNCH. I think that breakfast is the most appreciable meal of the day beside being the most important one. Allo Mon Coco is the best place to eat from 6am to 3pm. Their meals are HUGE so be ready for a feast.



Kampai Garden


A restaurant, a bar , and a club all in the same place. Located in downtown montreal, this resto-lounge I would say is very accessible, and easy to find. If you are not a fan of clubs then this place is for you as it is very big, and proposes different areas with 3 bars, and tables to eat or dance, you decide.


IMG_8754 3


Tommy Cafe



Probably the place I love the most in the city. Tommy Cafe is a sort of hipster/antique/cozy cafe located in the Old Montreal. It is my favorite area of the city. It is very calm, and beautiful. The architecture is very london-ish, and the ambiance is magic. Regarding the cafe itself, I loved the vibe and the music, and the food was tasty, so it’s a 10.





Juliette & Chocolat


It’s dessert time ! Juliette & Chocolat is a chocolate cafe in downtown Montreal. Your wildest choco-dreams will come true in this amazing place where you can find all type of desserts served with a huge amount of chocolate.


Capture d’écran 2018-03-25 à 21.27.33.png

Capture d’écran 2018-03-25 à 21.28.22.png




There are certainly a lot of other places that I would recommend, and as soon as I’ll get back to Montreal I will share with you all my finds.



Other Restaurants that I like and recommend

Les enfants Terribles


La Queue de Cheval 

Il Campari

Deville Diner Bar

The Secret Garden

Terrasse Bonsecour (summer)




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