There are two types of women, the ones who can run a mile in 5 inches heels, and the one who have to sit down after wearing heels for…30 minutes. Well, that’s me. I used to LOVE wearing heels, and would find any occasion to rock them. But now, wearing heels to go out is just a NO-NO.

Okay, I might be a little dramatic. I do wear heels, but only comfortable ones. Here are a few pairs that I tried, and personally adore. Do not worry, they sure are comfy but also very chic.



I’ll call it an oldie but goodie. The YSL Tribute are certainly THE most comfortable heels I have ever worn in my entire life, and I am not exaggerating. They are sexy and curvy, and thanks to the platform they almost feel like wearing boots. The best part about them is that they are available in two different heel height. Find some nice Tribute below.




Miu Miu block heels

These Miu Miu block heels do not exist anymore, but God, they saved my life for so many parties. Very edgy and cute, I worked them with long pants, and a short dress. They never failed me. Here are some similar shoes.



Who knew this brand had good shoes ? When I got these amazing sock boots I was scared they would hurt because of their flat sole. I honestly never felt so good in pointy booties. Check those ones that are also quite amazing.


Perspex Block Heels

First I was skeptical about this plastic trend, but I turned round and gave it a try. I just love them. I don’t know if it’s the heel itself or the material, but these heels are very comfortable. Only make sure to buy the right size because they do slip a little bit. You are not going to find much good quality perspex heels, but here are a few one that works.


Louboutin Cataclou

I know, these are pretty extravagant, especially since they are orange, but trust me these are jut perfect for the summer. They are high, and add a little spice to your outfit. Here are a few similar ones.


Dior “J’adior” mules

Even though I haven’t bought these yet, I can testify these heels are just perfect for your daily to evening party. I did tried them, and wore my mother’s one, and I was walking on a cloud, literally ( I mean they are Dior). Here are a few similar ones you can fall in love with too.


Balenciaga Wedges

These wedges are hot stuff. The leather is amazing because it adapts your foot shape, and the fact that these shoes work for day, and night is so cool. I loved them, and will loved them even more during summer. Even though this pair is very original, I found these similar ones.


2 thoughts on “COMFY HEELS, YES THEY EXIST !

    1. It’s true that because of the curve of the sole and height of the heels they might seem awful. But they are actually verry soft on your feet.


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