Food is as you might already know, my favorite subject of all. Especially food in Paris. There are so many amazing places to discover in this beautiful city, that even after spending most of my life there, I still haven’t even tried half of the restaurants.

As I am currently in Paris I decided to take some time for myself to discover more places, and because dessert is my favorite part of a good meal, here are my favorite dessert spots.



First things first. To begin I guess I just couldn’t recommend anything else than desserts from one of the most famous cuisine of Paris. If you ever come to The city of love, a. thing you need to try is definitely Cedric Grolet’s fruits at Le Meurice, and obviously there are also a large range of cakes, and tarts. You can either do the line and buy them to go in the small shop, or enjoy a luxurious afternoon in the salon of the hotel.




If there is a place that never disappoints it must be La Durée. The macarons, the croissant, and the cakes are as good and beautifully made as their appearance. If you really want to enjoy a dessert at La Durée, avoid the famous and crowded shop located on the Champs Elysées, and try their St Germain store.




Street food in Paris is on a whole other level. No lies, the best crepes I’ve ever had in my life were the ones I ate at the Place du Trocadéro. I always go to the same little shop, they add whipped cream on top of your warm crepe. DELICIOUS !



A dessert you might not think about when coming to France is cookies. My favorite ones are from Laura Todd. You can find their shop near St Germain market, and they also have a stand in the Galerie Lafayette Home side. They are crispy and soft. Ask for the warmest ones, you will not be disappointed.



Le Matignon is one of the numerous restaurants from the group Costes. The location is very close to the Champs Elysees, Avenue Montaigne, and St Honoré. When finishing shopping I usually go there to have a snack. A reason why I highly recommend this place is definitely not for their carte which is very basic, but for their amazing Pain Perdu (french toasts). Definitely the best ones I ever had and will ever have in my entire life.



Because it is summer, I just couldn’t talk about desserts without bringing ice creams up. We all know the famous Amorino, Grom, and Haagen Dazs, but my favorite place to have a good Italian ice cream in Paris is Pozzetto. The main reason is probably because of the location of the shop in the Marais, a neighborhood that is so calm and beautiful. But besides their cute little shop, their ice creams are just fantastic.


A few more places I love :

  • Carette
  • Patisserie Michalak
  • Lenôtre
  • Odette Paris
  • Angelina
  • Les Deux Magots
  • Mandarin Oriental
  • Le Bristol
  • Castiglione
  • Le Comptoir Belge
  • Café de l’Homme


I hope you enjoyed this article, and will try these great places.

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