It’s been a while since I haven’t written about relationships matter. For some reason I’ve been focusing on beauty, fashion and traveling. I guess it’s because of this amazing summer I am experiencing. However, a thing I want to talk about today is how to deal with a break-up. It is something we’ve all been through, and if not yet, you must be prepared for it…


Why ?


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In my opinion, the first step to deal with a break-up is figuring out why it didn’t work out. There are different reasons why people break-up, and as you might know it is not necessarily negative. The main reasons for break-up are :


  • Infidelity

Wether it’s you, or your partner, when infidelity is involved in a relationship it rarely ends up right. Some people have the ability to get over it, but it is still very hard to win someone’s trust when they get played.


  • Boredom

Maybe you just don’t get along as much as you did before. It is totally normal to end a relationship if you are not happy with someone. Life is made of changes, and moving on with someone else can be an answer to your happiness.


  • Feelings Fading

When love is no longer part of your idyll, it’s a no-return point for your relationship. You will probably try to get over it, but at some point you’ll end wasting time.


  • Different Aspirations

You might be planning to get married and have 11 kids, but have you asked your partner if they were painting their future like you did ?


  • Distance

Almost everyone I know has had a long-distance relationship. I would lie if I’d say that they all ended up well. Distance can really tear apart two people, even if they love each other.


  • Boring Sex Life

Finally,  we can’t deny that a pleasing sexual life helps a relationship work. Sex doesn’t make 100% of a relationship, but for some people it is a 50 to 70% of it.



Can we be friends ?



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The second step I am going to talk about is this friendship some people keep with their exes. Have you ever heard of Dua Lipa’s rules ? It can apply to both men and women. If you still have feelings for your ex, or if you doubt your ex still likes you, leave them alone for a while. Being friend with an ex can only happen if there are no attraction left between you two. Talking on a regular basis with an ex can lead to an affective dependence, and pain. Why ? Because even if you deny it, when feelings are involved, the one who still feels something will hope for the relationship to start again, eventually.

You need to make sure you both are on the same wavelength.




Forget the rebound guy/girl


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I’ve heard a lot of times that it can be helpful to get into a stringless relationship after a break-up. Let me tell you that it is the LAST thing you need. After a split, your heart has been through a lot already. You’ll get lost in your feelings and end up being broken. Take time for yourself. Go see your friends. Spend time with your family. Go to the gym. Enjoy some time alone, because this is exactly what you need, some time alone.


Do not give up


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The very last step of dealing with a rupture is to be able to keep your head up. Do not despair, you are not the only one who went through this. You will not end up alone, and you will find someone that loves you for who you are. If you are broken inside now your strength and your worth. Do not let a break up tear your life apart.


I hope you enjoyed this article.

Let me know your thoughts.



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