My beauty routines and tips.

My summer skincare routine

Taking care of your skin is very important, especially during summer. Our skin needs sun, but not too much. It needs to breathe and be clear. 


Home Made Facial With Sephora

As we all know, it is more than a combat to go to Sephora without buying an inconvenient amount of things we don’t need.  Anyways, the past two weeks I’ve been struggling with a non-cooperative skin, and I had to fix this, so I wen to Sephora.


The Perfect Nail Polish Color For Your Skin Tone


Girly post alert ! Two days ago I went to the manicure, and I was just fascinated with how my Essie cherry red color gel  beautifully suited my skin tone. After a few suggestions  I decided to give you a few tips in order to choose the perfect nail polish color according to your skin tone. Lot of girls go to the nail salon and post the usual story “Hard Choice” on their Snapchat to express how hard it is to pick a nail polish color. However, it shouldn’t be.


Laser Hair Removal


Last Summer I decided to stop ruining my money with waxing and shaving. I was so desperate to get rid of my upper lip hair and my side hair, and I didn’t really know what I could do. A friend of mine introduced me to laser hair removal, and I feel so much better since then.


Getting Rid of Fatigue Signs in 8 Steps

After two weeks of partying and sleeping late our skin is begging for rest. Just like most of us, I am not comfortable when my skin isn’t right. Plus, I am not a fan of make up, so daubing myself with foundation really isn’t my thing.


My Hair Growth Secret

Hair is a matter all women are very focused on. During many years I relaxed my hair and noticed that it wasn’t the healthiest product to use for them. Two years ago I cut my hair off almost 4 inch,  and decided to finally quit relaxing them.

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