Since I was a kid, my family and I go to Marbella almost every summer. If you haven’t heard about it yet, Marbella is a beautiful city located in the south of Spain. Marbella isn’t a very big city, but it is a great deal for beautiful vacations. The weather is always nice, the architecture is amazing, and the people are just as good.

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The Grammy’s : Dress Like Them

Yesterday, the most famous celebs walked on the red carpet of the annual Grammys Ceremony in New York City. This year’s red carpet was amazing, as always.  I cannot say that I appreciated all the outfits worn by the artists at the ceremony. However some really distinguished by their choice.  Either they were classic but very elegant, or bold, and surprising.

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Why Are We Still Talking About Racism in 2018 ?

I am so confused that the world made so much improvements throughout the years, but that some of us still can’t feel comfortable, free and EQUALS ! Why is it so hard for people to understand that discrimination hurts, and that it can take several forms. Racism isn’t only insulting people from other races. It isn’t just thinking that white people are more important or powerful !

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