Giving Is Better Than Receiving

Hi everyone. 

It’s been a while since I started this blog, and unfortunately I haven’t really had the opportunity to talk about my background yet. My mother is half Canadian, and Gabonese and I am Congolese (Brazzaville) from my father.  

It might not seem to be but my country is very important to me, and I feel really attached to it. As you might know, like everywhere else, people are in need. Especially orphans.

My cousin is part of an organization called « Une Jeunesse Unie »  (United Youth) based in Congo Brazzaville.

It firstly aims to help orphanages in Congo and aspire to affect as many countries as possible in the future.

The Center

Their primary goal is to support the « Centre Bethanie » (Bethany Center) by providing all the necessities that a child needs to be fulfilled. For this, they need the help of everyone.






The Kids

With the money collected they will provide every necessities (clothes, shoes, toys, television, baby kit, school kit, cooking utensils, table kit, air conditioner) but also  work that’s need to be done for the children’ comfort, and this include rearranging the kitchen, building a playground for babies, building a playroom, rearranging the rooms (add more light, provide cradles).






To carry out this project I invite you all in their name, to do a good deed to help them in this momentum of charity. The children of the Bethany Center need you.


Click here to donate. It only takes a dollar to make a change.