SS’18  Shoes Selection 

For me spring is an occasion to buy new shoes.


Summer 2018 : My Swimsuit Selection

The countdown to summer has officially begun, and even though it is crazy cold in New York, I am still starting to plan my summer wardrobe. And of course, what would be summer without an amazing swimsuit ?


Basket Bag A Gogo

Spring has started, and I can only thing about shopping for summer. The must-have accessory you need is definitely the basket bag ! Big or small they were made for you to rock them all spring and summer.


Favorite Spots In Montreal

Montreal is not my favorite city. I’ve lived there for a few years, and I usually go there two times a year to see my family, but I never really got that special feeling about it.


Strolling In Le Marais

I’ve lived most of my life in Paris, but today I rediscovered the city of light during a walk in the Marais. A neighborhood in which I do not stroll enough unfortunately and I like a lot.


My Packing Tips

I am leaving tomorrow on a whim, and my neat-freak ass is going crazy with packing. I cannot feel relaxed when things around me aren’t in order and perfectly organized, and this even when it comes to packing. Organizing a suitcase is the worst for some people, but for me it is a process.


Balenciaga And The Ugly Shoe Syndrome

It seems that in 2018, Fashion is nothing but chic ! Have you ever heard of “ugly dad sneakers?” Well, Balenciaga is pioneering the movement right now, and we are all joining it. 


Home Made Facial With Sephora

As we all know, it is more than a combat to go to Sephora without buying an inconvenient amount of things we don’t need.  Anyways, the past two weeks I’ve been struggling with a non-cooperative skin, and I had to fix this, so I wen to Sephora.


Being « Nice » ?

I am typically the kind of person for whom its hard to say « No ». Even to people who aren’t necessarily nice to me in return. All my life I’ve been surrounded with people who were ready to take advantage of me,  and my generosity. And I surely ain’t the only one. 

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