Being « Nice » ?

I am typically the kind of person for whom its hard to say « No ». Even to people who aren’t necessarily nice to me in return. All my life I’ve been surrounded with people who were ready to take advantage of me,  and my generosity. And I surely ain’t the only one. 


The Candles Your Living Room Needs

After a long and exhausting day at work, it is always so good to finally go back home. But it is ten times better when your apartment smells amazing. I am a maniac when it comes to the neatness of my place. The smell of your place should represent who you are, and how clean you are. Which is why candles are indispensable. Plus, they can be part of your home deco, so how cool is that ? 


Spotted : 3 Winter 2018 Trends

These past few days were terrible for me. I really had 0 inspiration. Plus, my computer froze, and I was in a little crisis.But everything got better, and now that I am relaxed I’d like to share with you, a few trends that I spotted during this Fashion Month. 


How To Know When It’s Over : 3 Signs That Won’t Lie


It might be sunny in NYC, but my heart is cloudy these days. Not necessarily writing about love today but about RELATIONSHIPS in general.  Must it be friends, family, or lover, we all love these people unconditionally , and we are scared to loose them. However, sometimes, these relationships end on their own. 


Things You Must Know Before Interning in Fashion


It’s currently New York’s Fashion week, and as commenting runway looks bores me I decided not to write about it. But don’t get excited this post is not that original. However, if you want to intern in the fashion industry it should interest you. 


The Perfect Nail Polish Color For Your Skin Tone


Girly post alert ! Two days ago I went to the manicure, and I was just fascinated with how my Essie cherry red color gel  beautifully suited my skin tone. After a few suggestions  I decided to give you a few tips in order to choose the perfect nail polish color according to your skin tone. Lot of girls go to the nail salon and post the usual story “Hard Choice” on their Snapchat to express how hard it is to pick a nail polish color. However, it shouldn’t be. 



La plupart des lecteurs qui me connaissent savent que j’adore « provoquer » et aborder des sujets qui fâchent. Pour ceux qui ne me connaissent pas forcément, maintenant vous savez.


The Boots You Need For Winter


The cold is starting to get stronger, and my feed is exploding with snow pictures and videos. It is officially that time of the year, and boots will be your best friend to survive.


We Come in Peace But We Mean Business

Another post about the Grammys because besides the glitters and shows, a powerful message was shared by a lot of artists. Camila Cabello on immigration, and integration in the United States, but one that really just bumped into my heart is Janelle Monáe’s introduction to Kesha’s song “Praying”, which was also very touching.

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