La plupart des lecteurs qui me connaissent savent que j’adore « provoquer » et aborder des sujets qui fâchent. Pour ceux qui ne me connaissent pas forcément, maintenant vous savez.


The Boots You Need For Winter


The cold is starting to get stronger, and my feed is exploding with snow pictures and videos. It is officially that time of the year, and boots will be your best friend to survive.


We Come in Peace But We Mean Business

Another post about the Grammys because besides the glitters and shows, a powerful message was shared by a lot of artists. Camila Cabello on immigration, and integration in the United States, but one that really just bumped into my heart is Janelle Monáe’s introduction to Kesha’s song “Praying”, which was also very touching.


The Grammy’s : Dress Like Them

Yesterday, the most famous celebs walked on the red carpet of the annual Grammys Ceremony in New York City. This year’s red carpet was amazing, as always.  I cannot say that I appreciated all the outfits worn by the artists at the ceremony. However some really distinguished by their choice.  Either they were classic but very elegant, or bold, and surprising.


Pulled Up at Happy Bowls

We are all trying to keep our minds focused on our resolutions. One of them, for me, was to eat healthier food. Today I had a huge sweet craving, and I thought “How about a smoothie ?”



“Some people think luxury is the opposite of poverty. It is not. It is the opposite of vulgarity.”



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