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Laser Hair Removal

Last Summer I decided to stop ruining my money with waxing and shaving. I was so desperate to get rid of all my facial hair including side hairs, and I didn’t really know what I could do. A friend of mine introduced me to laser hair removal, and I feel so much better since then.


Why Are We Still Talking About Racism in 2018 ?

I am so confused that the world made so much improvements throughout the years, but that some of us still can’t feel comfortable, free and EQUALS ! Why is it so hard for people to understand that discrimination hurts, and that it can take several forms. Racism isn’t only insulting people from other races. It isn’t just thinking that white people are more important or powerful !


My Hair Growth Secret

Hair is a matter all women are very focused on. During many years I relaxed my hair and noticed that it wasn’t the healthiest product to use for them. Two years ago I cut my hair off almost 4 inch,  and decided to finally quit relaxing them.


The Worst Day Of My Life

Last Week I was all excited to finally get to go back to Paris. Moving away from home is difficult, and it is always nice to see people you love.

I spent 5 amazing days in Paris and went back to New York on Sunday, but I wasn’t aware of what was waiting for me there.